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We’re big believers in working with people with whom our values align, and on projects which excite and interest us. Great teamwork results in great outcomes, and when we take on a project, we become an extension of your existing team. That’s why it’s important that, as well having the technical and creative skills you need, we’re the sort of people you want to work with. Give us a call to set up a meeting and we can tell you more!

Simon Pickard

Managing Director

Simon has been involved in the construction industry for some 20 plus years having worked in both the public and private sectors. He is responsible for project development and cost control, Simon is a qualified project manager with a background in building surveying.

In a previous life, Simon developed fast track projects for Merlin Entertainments Group, before founding Saturn, Here he has been able to explore his conviction that taking a holistic approach to project management and delivering a high quality, cost effective end result are inextricably linked. 

As a qualified project manager, he has a background in building surveying, and has spent two decades working in construction in both the public and private sectors. He’s ultimately responsible for project development and cost control.

Mike Fish

Construction Director

Mike understands the supply chain for the development of theme parks like nobody else. He has great contacts within the international and highly diverse ride industry, and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the varying needs of all the different specialist contractors we work with, enabling us to complete projects on time and within budget.

Mike is a highly experienced construction and project manager, with well practiced AutoCAD skills, having been involved in the design, construction and installation of new projects, rides and theming across the globe.


Saturn Projects works with their sister company, Saturn Imagineering, being able to offer a complete package of creative design and build services under one roof.

The Saturn Projects team is committed to consistently delivering projects that delight both our clients and their visitors, resulting in a profitable business operation and an engaging and memorable consumer experience.


We believe in sustainable partnerships based on the following core values and propositions: 

  • We’re honest, forthright and straightforward people
  • Our work is naturally distinctive, stylish & imaginative
  • Holistic solutions – We examine issues from every angle to ensure that we’re delivering best value
  • We bring our reputation, as well as our intelligence, expertise and know how to your project
  • Risk mitigation – We offer comprehensive protection through to project completion


Quality Assurance

Saturn Projects has been quality accredited to ISO 9001, the internationally recognised standard for an organisation’s internal quality management.


Saturn Projects has been environmentally accredited to ISO 1400, the standard that addresses the environmental management of an organisation.