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Location: Abu Dhabi | Client: Tridex


Currently at concept design stage, the new Museum of the Emirates is set to bridge the gap between traditional museum and theme park to bring the history of the United Arab Emirates to life through themed areas, interactive exhibits, live actors, interpretation and rides.

History does not have to be boring. Whilst museums can show us exhibits and graphic panels to explain life in the past, it takes a “living history” attraction to bring the subject to life for visitors of all ages.

And the Museum of the Emirates aims to do just that in a spectacular fashion on an island just off the mainland from Abu Dhabi. This unique attraction will show the life and times of the United Arab Emirates from pre-history up to the modern day. Guests, will be excited, thrilled, scared and astonished as they experience the UAE in a way never told before using a mixture of theme park indoor rides, tableaux, modern media and experiential zones that will delight audiences of all ages.

Saturn are currently working on the concept designs and storyboards for the museum and will subsequently be engaged to undertake the interior works including theming, tableaux, audio visual and interpretation.