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Location: Somerset, UK | Client: Wookey Hole Caves


Creation of a new 4D state of the art themed cinema experience that would add to the entertainment value for existing and regular guests, and enhance the sales appeal for potential new visitors.

The concept was in two main parts, a story-driven fully themed preshow “The Witch’s Laboratory” which then seamlessly linked through a swirling “seeing” waters / mirror to a main multi-dimensional cinema experience which included a host of sensory effects. The seamlessness of the link between parts allowed for us to change the cinema film if we wished, without the pre-show story being at odds.

4D cinema included: Tiered cinema seating, rear projection screen with twin projectors for 3D film, 84 moving seats – full motion system using unique electric motor control system, full sound system, ankle ticklers, air blasts, butt ticklers and back pokers, water effects, wind effects, theatrical lighting effects, fully automated show control system and automated doors. All designed and built by Saturn Imagineering.